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Is your office more like a cave man office? With outdated equipment and hard to be heard and to market your products?

Your at the right place to put these all behind. Do take note, the environment too effects your employee and their performance, but QS is here help.QS has many links and business partners, whom in turn we provide IT supplies at very competitive prices to our clients ranging from software to hardware and services.

Provide us your job scopes, work load and most importantly, your budget. From there, we will be able to recommend and advise you the most suitable items to be purchased via us. Items included printers, desktop sets, laptops, network switch and server as well as software applications.

Below are a few of the brands that we are proud to showcase, we are after all a one-stop for all your needs, yes, do take your time to check out the logos.

Authorised Distributor partners
Hardware & software products reseller
Microsoft HP Motorola Untangle Intel Gdata