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Qsense - Managed Network Security Services

Cost to own equipment to manage small to medium networks can be quite high if we incorporate the latest in technology and hire specialists to properly maintain a secure environment thus we have recently rolled out a new cost effective product tied with services for our customers at a very low monthly rate! The latest in securing networks technology inclusive of professional support and maintenance without any hardware cost!

Anti-Malware Technology includes Spam Blocking, Gateway Anti Virus & Spyware Blocking! Manage your network bandwidth to optimise usage by using our Web Filtering capabilities, AD blocking functions and Protocol control by limiting what applications and websites your network users can visit & use!! Extend your business connectivity by Virtual Private Networks without licensing costs. Speed up your network usage with our WAN Optimisation inclusive package! At the end of the day / week or month we will provide you with a detailed report on the network usage to further optimise your business security!

Imagine your office networks secured by professionals with the latest in technology providing all inclusive protection to your business from your internet gateway to your office computers. Inquire today for our cost effective but extensive solution! You dont have to worry about hardware, or personnel to manage your network! We will do it for you.

Contact us for further details now!